i didnt know one weekend could be the best and worst at the same time...

Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 4:21 PM By: havenseesgreen

so yesterday was amazing! i got a puppy = ) an 8 week old jack russell that we named millie... shes so cute

now for tha sucky part. sorry but im about to rant cuz i need to vent so if you dont care stop reading here i guess.... i just found out that that man they call my father has an 8 month old daughter with an ex girlfriend that i had no idea about. i love my dad and hes been all around pretty good but i have lost all respect for the man. i dont even know how i feel. im so numb and shocked. why wouldnt he tell me. i didnt even find out from him! my mom told me because she thought i needed to know but she didnt even get told about it from him. she found out from my ex step mother who found out from the ex girlfriend. i am in shock. why tha fuck wouldnt he have told me. im freaking out....... i know most of yall dont care or this doesnt seem that bad so sorry but i had to vent here cuz i couldnt anywhere else.... please pray for us right now cuz i def need some help.... i dont even know what im gonna do next time he tries to talk to me...what happens now. and on top of that his fiance has known all along. idk if its just me but if i knew that about my fiance and that he hadnt told his 16 year old daughter about having another fuckin kid i prob wouldnt still be planning tha wedding.... ive lost all respect for the man. all ive heard from him since i was born was dont have sex till your married..... but he has another fucking kid....

  1. Francesca avatar

    On Jun 01, Francesca said:

    he probably should have told you.... but yeah, vent if it makes u feel better..... awww your puppy sounds cute:) she will definatley make you feel better. thats what they are for!

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    On Jun 01, vern93 said:

    that suxs, im srry. im here if u need to vent some more :)

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