1. jackflomer85 avatar

    On Feb 11, jackflomer85 said:

    Love all your photos with the band

  2. Jacoby Shaddix 93 avatar

    On Apr 28, Jacoby Shaddix 93 said:

    Hi,thanks for accepting my request :)
    How are you?

  3. Shirley86 avatar

    On Sep 15, Shirley86 said:

    hi how youve been? good i think, i see youve seen papa roach 4 times this summer!!! damn im so jealous, i only saw them once this summer. i bet they all know you by your name because they see you so often. and all the new pics are awesome btw.

  4. ROCKERA SUD avatar

    On Sep 09, ROCKERA SUD said:


  5. DeadCellPunk avatar

    On Sep 05, DeadCellPunk said:

    Its a pleasure to leave comments for U; such a sweetie to everyone its no wonder U just fit right in automatically!
    & I think U did FANTASTIC coming up with such a great answer so fast & I couldn't have done better myself, I know that much!

  6. DeadCellPunk avatar

    On Aug 31, DeadCellPunk said:

    What U said about "March Out Of The Darkness" in the youtube vid today was just like my very own words! LITERALLY! NOT KIDDING!
    It's still so hard to choose only ONE song, but, this one does always come to mind 1st, I THINK!
    (Im also blonde. LOL & clearly just indecisive.)

  7. n2thevoid avatar

    On Aug 29, n2thevoid said:

    I'm really glad you had a great time!! :) wish you could come to the NC show with us!!
    I am doing VIP that night...very excited to be able to finally meet PR!

  8. n2thevoid avatar

    On Aug 29, n2thevoid said:

    Seeing All The Great 'VIP' Pics Of You With The Guys Is Making Me Even More Excited For My SHow On September 9!!
    Looks Like You Had An Amazing Birthday!!

  9. MamaRoach7 avatar

    On Aug 25, MamaRoach7 said:

    Happy Birthday Nina!!!
    I hope you had a blast today! Can't wait to hear the details tomorrow! I have a list a mile long before I can hit the road... UGH... so I don't know if I will get on again. You know how to reach me if you need something!

  10. MissRoach4Ever avatar

    On Aug 08, MissRoach4Ever said:

    You too!! have a nice day!

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