Thu, May 20, 2010 at 7:36 AM By: shelly and pchan

i have alote of pople that need help and i try to help them even when i dont have time most people tell me i have a kind heart but i know i do and i can just want the poeple to work thing out and i dont want them to get hurt like i have been hurt for the longest time and i am still hurting no matter what i do to help thie all the time i help some one i get a to tell them they need to work things out or find new people some of them evan ask me out after i help them and i do it all for free i do not charge i will not take money form the people that i can help i help over 30 people a day and they are all ways hurting no matter what i all ways will be there to help them

  1. sayia  rose willows avatar

    On May 21, sayia rose willows said:

    u do have a kind heart

  2. Mandy XD avatar

    On May 20, Mandy XD said:

    wow you r nice......

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