hey i dont know what to do

Fri, May 21, 2010 at 4:14 PM By: shelly and pchan

my problem is that i help people and i get in trouble for it by my mom and my dad and they say to help people that are in pain and that need help and then the tell me a few days ago im doing good the to day the tell me that i cant help my friends that need help and i sould just forget about them and i will never forgive my self if one of them dies and i help them so much that i would die to save them i do not ever tell people that im not here for them, i am a person who care about others that are in pain and i want them to understand that i am doing what is right and if they dont get the help i will never forgive my self when i meet them, so sould i keep helping of just for get them? and i have meet some of them

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    On Jun 04, xoElleox said:

    i am ur real love i love you

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    On May 24, sayia rose willows said:

    i would just do whats right if u want to help them then do it dont forget ur real friends their there for u so be there for them and always do whats right even if it dont seem right to others

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