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About *cUpC@Ke*

I live life in the fast lane* i am not a girl to mess with.... Other than that i am easy going i roll with the flow I have tons of friends that I am grateful for and i love them all except a couple (not mentioning names) I am currently SINGLE my friends all say I am a little boy crazy. I play volleyball, basketball, Track, and do cheerleading... In track I do shot put and discus and long jump.

~this is Brittany's friend Haley she is awesome and she don't take shit from anyone trust me she is easy going and she has TONS of friends and loves to help people out~ LOVE~ Haley

Hey this is Britt's friend Jason me and Haley stole her laptop and got on this cuz she had it up so she is going to be mad at us but Britt is an amazing girl who will help anyone and she loves like everyone and everything lol me and haley gave her the nickname cUpC@Ke because she is so sweet but she gets mad when we call her that but anyway she has lots of friends like too many to count but anyway thanks for reading this bye

HAHA this is Britt's. friend Makalynn Brittany is a fun chick to be around i am so glad i get to be around her all the time she is a high class chick who loves the city when ever she gets the chance she goes to chicago she loves it there (probably cuz she fits in there) she is just amazing i love her (like a sis) umm her fave. thing to do is get her hair done and go shopping she loves to be around people lol... she is sooo awesome you should talk to her... -_- May May

hiii i am katie im the bored one all the time but thats what friends are for like britt who might i remind you is a stupid drunk like her cousin rob they enjoy bar hopping together there the beer pirates of our area lol the sail away with caption morgan every day

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