PRoach 12.5.07

Sat, Dec 8, 2007 at 12:03 PM By: CelticEire88

was amazing, as always!!

i made a shirt this time :-)   it said "shaddix addict " and had some pics of coby on it :-)

 the only thing that sucked was u had to drive all the way to DC, by myself, in the snow, + i had never driven there before.
i got lost a few times but managed to make it there in one piece.

I stood with Denise and some other ppl...... and didnt really get to see any of the guys before the show. i stood in the snow for almost 3 hours. but hey, its PRoach, theyre worth it! Oh, and some DC101 ppl were taking pics. im on their website a few times :-)
Then they told us no cameras..... i was like whattttttt..... but oh well. so i put it back in my car. then it was time to go in. we got front and center :-D

Silversun Pickups were kind of odd. they were an odd-looking bunch, with an odd sound.

Finger 11's lead singer was drunk.
so it was weird when they were on.
Plus their drummer was CRAZY! and not in a good way, either..... every few seconds he would either stick his tongue out, lick his drum stick, yell something incoherent, or make faces at people. it was entertaining, sort of. and one of their guitarists would not stand still! he had loooong black hair and was throwing his guitar in the air every chance he got.

and then it was PROACH.
AMAZING, simply amazing :-)
no other words for it, really.
they played the same set as they did last time i saw them (only a week and a half before that) but it was still wonderfullll :-) i got to hold coby's sweaty hand for 10 seconds.  it was great, lol.

i was so saddd when it was over though.
and at the end, Tobin went to hand me a pick, but some guy behind me knocked it out of my hand and onto the floor :-( .... so he went to toss me another one and someone else grabbed it. But the security guy picked the dropped one up, and gave it to heather, and she gave it to me :-D!! (and i didnt lose it this time!!)

Then we went outside to wait in the friggin cold. Jerry was sickkk, so he couldnt sign autographs or get pics with anyone :-(. Tobin kept running from the bus to inside to the bus and back again. But when he saw Denise he came over and talked to us. Hes silly. He was making dumb jokes, but they were still funny. I got a pic with him again :-) But only because Denise is awesome and took it for me :-) Then he told us he wanted to go to bed. he had also told us before that there was a bar downstairs (under the club's main floor) and that everyone else was down there. (everyone else, meaning Jacoby)... so we ended up leaving before he came out, but thats alright. atleast i have another Tobin pic!! :-) im happy with that :-)

and then i headed back to the car, which i had to brush snow off of and scrape ice off of. and when i finally got all that straight, i started driving and got lost several times. and i spun around on the ice once too. i kept sliding until i got onto the main highway, and then i just drove sloooow... i thought for a while i was going the wrong way, but turns out i wasnt :-) By the time i got back to baltimore it was almost 3am, so i just ended up sleeping at paul's house. i was wayyy too tired to drive home. i started feeling like i was going to nod off on I95, so i thought itd be better to just go to his house.

so overall, the snowy/icey drive, getting lost, cold weather, frozen extremities, and tiredness were worth it. Proach was amazing, as always :-)

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