1. MW2 avatar

    On Mar 24, MW2 said:

    Oh best game for me is World At War..In MW2 you die to much..

  2. MW2 avatar

    On Mar 24, MW2 said:

    PS3------> Modern Warfare 2, Call Of Duty(World At War), Madden 10,BFBC2.
    PC-----> L4D2, Half life 2, Crossfire...

  3. themudsharkinterview avatar

    On Mar 03, themudsharkinterview said:

    PS3. Assassin's Creed (1 and 2) and Oblivion. But the Godfather games are good too. And I love Gun (PS2).

  4. eraTiic avatar

    On Mar 03, eraTiic said:

    yes guitar hero rocks

  5. (=Her Boo=) avatar

    On Mar 03, (=Her Boo=) said:

    I play xbox 360 Call of duty modern Warfare is my best game that i like to play and Gears of war2 and Battlefeild bad company 2 and 1 haha

  6. Johnny Guitar Creeps avatar

    On Mar 03, Johnny Guitar Creeps said:

    hey i have a ps2 , for me someof the best games are half life, max payne (in germany its not allowed anymore) gta san andreas, need for speed most wanted and a came in germany its called fahrenheit thats great...
    oh and guitar hero xD \m/

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