1. XdutchidiotX avatar

    On Sep 15, XdutchidiotX said:

    heej! about the picture of jacoby in highskool.. yeah i have it on my compuer.. how you want me o send it..? through email??


  2. samuka avatar

    On Sep 12, samuka said:

    hey dear! i'm fine, thx! i'm from brazil :)
    i liked ur avatar too :$

  3. samuka avatar

    On Sep 09, samuka said:

    hey ya! how r you? ;)
    I'm new here! nice 2 meet you!
    where r u from? :D

  4. Johnny Guitar Creeps avatar

    On Jun 06, Johnny Guitar Creeps said:

    joa ma gucken...ende des monats is ein eintagesfestival in münster, mit alexisonfire, nofx glaubich und ka einigen anderen bands..und area 4 wolltich vllt auch hin..sons is noch nix geplant... wo siehste denn papa roach?

  5. Johnny Guitar Creeps avatar

    On Jun 05, Johnny Guitar Creeps said:

    hey...bin jetz umgezogen...deshalb auch so lange nciht mehr on gewesen...die kinder haben meine laptop gefressen und mich gezwungen 7 tage heino zu hören...mir hats endgültig gereicht....nu wohn ich in nem haus wo es keine von ihnen gibt.....hab die bude allein danach ausgesucht, das keine da sind und auch keine kommen können....naajo und mein auto habich auch verkauft hab jetz nen bisschen besseren=) nu werden se mich auch im straßenverkehr nicht mehr finden können....=)
    und sons??

  6. Johnny Guitar Creeps avatar

    On Apr 08, Johnny Guitar Creeps said:

    hey simone.wie gehts?was machste so?
    was gibt neues?
    rock on \m/

  7. xoElleox avatar

    On Mar 25, xoElleox said:

    ur welcome

  8. queen nightmare avatar

    On Mar 24, queen nightmare said:

    thanx sweetie :) :)
    have u settled in ok in ur new apartment??hope u have :) i remeber what it was like when i first moved into my house im in now.it was also my first house i was soooo scared for teh first few nights as i was use to living in a full house with my aunt & her fiance & my 2 cousins & we had got my daughter there too.so when i moved into my house there was just me & my baby daughter,it was soo weird to have all the quiet & no one to realli chat to.so my aunt realised this & she let my 2 cousins come stay over here with me for the first 5days & it was better for me to settle in :) then my cousins use to come visit & my aunt did nearly everynight too :) i got use to it & i love it now as im my own boss & i can decorate it how i want to & pick things for the house what i want.i can chage the furniture in the rooms to how i like it.i can watch what i want on tv (well upto recently LOL now my daughter has the remote watching her shows LOL) but i like the freedom of living alone with my daughter :)
    i hope u enjoy ur freedom also :) do u have relatives visiting u there often??do they live far from ur apartment?? what colours have u picked to decorate??do u have any pets??
    my grandad was in hospital as he had had a mini stroke :( hes back at home now but has problems walking but hes gettin his legs stronger everyday :) :) i was soo worried for him,but hes doing good :)

  9. Johnny Guitar Creeps avatar

    On Mar 21, Johnny Guitar Creeps said:

    hey was searchig for ya but didn´t found ya in studivz -.-

  10. Monte's Attic avatar

    On Mar 19, Monte's Attic said:

    Thats very cool at least you have tickets
    I am going to South Carolina and Arkansas shows. Enjoy your show. :}

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