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About PaperLeaf

I've accidentally deleted my whole bio,so I'm gonna go again.
Don't blow your bubble gum on me.
I'm afraid of bubble gums.
Jk,I'm not,I'm just confused.
Actually I'm hoping that someone's gonna read this and realize how cool I am.And I am cool because my idol's Annoying orange.And it's my idol because it's an orange.
Moving back,I'm afraid of dolls and ghosts but people the most.
They are really scary and big,because I'm an ant.
Jk I'm not an ant...but I AM afraid of people.
I HATE pretenders.
Pretenders are people (ya see) who pretend to be something they're not just because of the society,friends,fashion whatever.
I attend not to be one of them,so I dream.
I dream all the time,and that's why I look like I'm high.
But I'm not.
Although I have some drugs I like to use like:
-Papa Roach
moving on.
I like buttons,railways,autumn,my Diary :D
yeah right I hate school -.- but one more week left!
I love my friends,they're awesome.
? I'm in love right now.:DD
had 2 write that.
keep on rockin' guys


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