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    On Nov 09, rren said:

    Hey, I miss you!

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    On Apr 04, rren said:

    I’m glad you’re good. :-)
    Today is Monday. There is much time till weekend. I’m very busy with my studies. This week I will have few tests, also I have to prepare for English presentation about marketing. And I have job for weekend too. During weekend till another week I have to prepare macroeconomics project. So I don’t know or I will have free time. But that’s okay. I’m happy that only three months remain till the end of first course. :-)
    I’m planning to search job this summer. I would like to work in pub. :-)

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    On Mar 31, rren said:

    Hello. :}
    It's pity that we don't chat anymore. Maybe it's my fault because I don't visit this website often. It's because of some reasons. At first, I don't have much free time for chatting. Second, it's still hard for me to talk/write in foreign language, even if it's English. It's pity that you don't understand Lithuanian, haha. :} But in the other hand, these chats with foreign people help me to improve my English.
    How are you? Please write about yourself. :}

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    On Jan 27, FELINA said:

    how are you?
    long time no talk.

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    On Nov 04, rren said:

    Oh, hello, sweetie! ;}

    I'm glad you're fine and have nice time. :}

    I can't tell much about myself. Hmm.. My studies are going almost well. I just a little bit lazy with it. Haha. And I have a little bit difficulties with high mathematics. But I hope everything will be alright. I'm very busy, almost don't have much free time.
    For this time that's all. I promise next time I'll write much more.

    Let me know about yourself.

    Good luck. ;}

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    On Sep 15, rren said:

    Hello. :}

    I'm very very sorry that I didn't write to you. I just don't have free time at all. Please don’t think that I forgot you. Yeah, I miss our chats too.. We haven't been chatting in long time. Maybe you want to know what's new in my life. Summer passed very fast, because I had much business because of studies. You know, exams, waiting of results, entrance examinations.. So, my results of exams weren't very good. I passed only one exam good, of course it's Lithuanian. From English exam I got only 47 of 100 per cent. But I got two invitations to study. I could choose between finance economics in University (I should pay for studies) and banking at college (studies would be free). So I have chosen banking studies. And I think it's better way for me. At first, there is more practice at college than at university. Moreover, there is bigger possibility to get a job. Studies have started two weeks ago. Now we study general subjects: applied math, business English, law, psychology, informatics, microeconomics, occupational safety. Everything is good. I just a bit afraid of English lectures, because all themes are only about business, economics and everything what is connected with our profession. But I know everything will be alright. :}
    I had spent last days of summer in camp with other students from the same faculty. It was great chance to make the acquaintance of new friends. I had three great days there. And today I with my group are getting to celebrate the occasion, I don’t know how this thing is called in other countries, but we say ‘cementovke’. :}
    Now some words about basketball. Basketball World Championship had ended few days ago. I’m very happy because of Lithuanian national team achievements. Lithuanians won against New Zealand, Canada, Spain, France, Lebanon, China, Argentina and Serbia. Our team suffered only one loss against USA. So Lithuania team won bronze in this championship. We are third in all world. :} USA won this championship. Yesterday we had reception of basketball players in Vilnius. There were so many people.

    Please write to me and tell about your life. I will try to visit this website more frequently.
    Good luck! :}

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    On Aug 17, Maygemini83 said:

    Maybe, but I prefer to keep it limited at the moment, especially because I have a ton of other stuff to deal with in my life at the moment (both good and bad/stressful) :)

  8. Maygemini83 avatar

    On Aug 16, Maygemini83 said:

    I am great! Yes, I am a bit guy crazy, however at the moment it is very limited hehe:P

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    On Aug 16, rren said:

    Hello! :}
    I'm very sorry for my late reply. I hadn't been here for long. I was very busy..
    How are you? :}

  10. rock_babe avatar

    On Jul 22, rock_babe said:

    howdy!! yea im good... wat bout u?? thx for the invite and if u have sum friends tht would add me plz have them do so. thx... and feel free 2 comment on my wall or write me!!

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