1. Mad Lalo avatar

    On Aug 19, Mad Lalo said:

    ur right, but, in my case i will still working on that until they fired or the team descents, and more important i need money for pay part of my highschool...

  2. ayaroach avatar

    On Aug 19, ayaroach said:

    how are you? :)

  3. Yana Markina avatar

    On Aug 18, Yana Markina said:

    see, i think this kind of job is too easy for me. i think i can do more than that. anyway, september will be the last working month.

  4. ayaroach avatar

    On Aug 17, ayaroach said:


  5. Mad Lalo avatar

    On Aug 15, Mad Lalo said:

    oh yeah, t the summer is ending, in fact i didnt rest the enough time as i wished, anyway I'll still working on morning or night the weekends so thats not a problem for me, mmm... why dont you take a job like that on weekends just a dew hours or a part-time job?

  6. Yana Markina avatar

    On Aug 14, Yana Markina said:

    you`re right. but changing a job is not the answer now cause i`m going to go to school soon. summer ends so it`s too late.

  7. Mad Lalo avatar

    On Aug 13, Mad Lalo said:

    Well, but have you thought changing your job or that's the problem, you are looking for a better job but there is no one?? / My first job was like that, everyone was like "watching" me and all of them told my boss that I did bad a thing, even if I didnt go to work so dont worry, sometimes people working is being like selfish or ignorant and act like stupid... Stupid Boss I hate all those kind people!!

  8. Yana Markina avatar

    On Aug 13, Yana Markina said:

    thanks for advice :)
    no, they pay not enough money! so my boss is nasty! and not only she! su-sheef (Japanese cuisine`s cook) is very rough...and one of administrators is annoying...very stupid job... :(

  9. Mad Lalo avatar

    On Aug 09, Mad Lalo said:

    nasty?? how nasty??/ just dont look too much your boss and focus in other thing/ my job, well when I worked in the café my boss paid me like 200$ pesos the week, pesos is the mexican money, cheaper than dollars, so they paid me like 20$ bucks and in the stadium they pay me 5$ for every soccer ball that i gave to the players and catch when it goes out of the field, so are like 50-60$ dollars for every local match/ and your boss pay you good??

  10. Yana Markina avatar

    On Aug 09, Yana Markina said:

    in a café ) there are so cute but i hate my boss(((( she is...uuummmmm...nasty? yes, she is too nasty.

    you said that you`re working now. how much is your pay?

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