Tue, Dec 4, 2007 at 9:32 PM By: between angel and insect

So, this is my first blog; although I think I'm doing this more just to put my thougths down. Anyways, a friend of mine died in an accident at the end of the summer. He was young and had a lot going for him. Anyways, I was just looking at his facebook, seeing what people wrote to him while listening to Papa Roach.Now I know people handle death in their own way. Some people still write to him, talking to him about their lives. I respect that. Although, for me, it's weird. I could never write to him on his facebook. I understand that that's their way of keeping him with them though. Sometimes I think there's something wrong with me though...When he died, I didn't really feel anything. I mean, I could feel the pain of others. When the family cried I felt bad for them. I knew I should feel sad, so I acted sad, but it still hasn't really hit me yet. Kind of like watching from the outside. I don't know...Maybe you guys know what I mean. I could just be crazy :S Who knows. Anyways, feel free to comment or whatever.

  1. punk_princess94 avatar

    On Dec 17, punk_princess94 said:

    i'm soo sorry....i know what you mean....sometimes you just don't feel sad when you should....i felt the same when i found somethng out.....i should have been crushed....but i only cried alittle....and i was i understand.....hope you fel better...and don't be guilty

  2. jayster84 avatar

    On Dec 05, jayster84 said:

    everyone reacts to death in different ways, there is no wrong or right way. Just because you don't show your emotion doesn't mean you don't feel anything. Sorry about your friend by the way.

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    On Dec 05, ptrombly said:

    If you are a religous person, then perhaps you believe he is in a better place, maybe you dont feel the finality of it all, or something along that lines. I dont express that emotion well either, kinda believe that he was gone the second he died, no need to write to him.
    Some of us are just realist and know that we have to move on. Strangely, when you have children or maybe you do, you will probably feel his departue. I wouldnt worry about what you feel or dont feel, we are all unique individuals, That why Baskin robbins has 31 flavors, everybody likes something different.

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