Creepy Peepz >.

Fri, May 8, 2009 at 11:20 AM By: Eavane

Egad! some person like hi im blah blah blah i was browsing on papa roach and i saw you and i wanted to learn more about eachother and maybe have a relationship..... Welll.... i Flipped out and wanted to know what you people though xD i mean some person sending a 10 year old a message saying they want to have a relationship?!?!?!?! freaked me out >.>

  1. matt avatar

    On May 15, matt said:

    spammer..account deleted :)

  2. Busta avatar

    On May 08, Busta said:'re not the only person that got that message...I'm working on getting them deleted lol. but 'relationship' can mean friends too lol

  3. Rise of Anarchy avatar

    On May 08, Rise of Anarchy said:

    lol wat the hell

  4. Hybrid911 avatar

    On May 08, Hybrid911 said:

    there's spambot on here apparently x

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