1. Elvira avatar

    On Feb 29, Elvira said:

    Thanks and same to you ;)

  2. Bloody Corpse avatar

    On Jan 15, Bloody Corpse said:

    hey not much..just bored n stuff...with u??

  3. †††May ††† avatar

    On Dec 11, †††May ††† said:

    hello: *
    I'm fine
    and you?

  4. ++$$OrrOU$$H++ avatar

    On Nov 25, ++$$OrrOU$$H++ said:

    Thnx my friend :)
    G0od luck :)

  5. ++$$OrrOU$$H++ avatar

    On Nov 22, ++$$OrrOU$$H++ said:

    I Understand , work is also low in my conutry :(
    Many young are unemployed :(
    I hope you find a good job ^.^

  6. ++$$OrrOU$$H++ avatar

    On Nov 21, ++$$OrrOU$$H++ said:

    Yes , I'm a Student .
    I studying civil engineering in university :)
    I have no interest in this field of study :(
    what are you doing ?
    thnx , u too ^.^

  7. ++$$OrrOU$$H++ avatar

    On Nov 21, ++$$OrrOU$$H++ said:

    I think the use of nuclear energy convention is the right of all countries .Oil and gas are finite .We're forced to use the convention of nuclear energy , All countries are forced to use nucler energy .

  8. ++$$OrrOU$$H++ avatar

    On Nov 21, ++$$OrrOU$$H++ said:

    Yes, I really live in Iran :)
    What Your opinion about my country ? :)

  9. ++$$OrrOU$$H++ avatar

    On Nov 19, ++$$OrrOU$$H++ said:

    you're welcome :)
    fine , How about u ?

  10. Samantha. avatar

    On Nov 12, Samantha. said:

    yeah it's not such a well known one :)
    it's this one only then 30 w version, but it looks the same http://www.myguitar.nl/WebRoot/StoreNL/Shops/61564925/492E/D7D5/A2FF/5A50/D478/C0A8/28BB/C09F/JimHarleyR15amp.jpg

    aw okay awesome :)

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