No Matter What

Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 11:55 AM By: VIVALACUCARACHA!!!!

I think the next music video Papa Roach should do is No Matter What. It would be great to visually see Jacoby and the rest of the band pour their heart and soul into the caring and emotional song. :)

  1. VIVALACUCARACHA!!!! avatar

    On Feb 03, VIVALACUCARACHA!!!! said:

    Yeah, or do like a Papa Roach: Live On Tour DVD. Kinda like what Avenged Sevenfold did with Live In The LBC. :D
    I love Forever. And how they have songs that can be sweet and loving, but also ones that are insanely wicked, like Burn :)

  2. dianam avatar

    On Feb 03, dianam said:

    I agree I wish they would do a whole dvd if all their videos

  3. jsgirl91 avatar

    On Feb 03, jsgirl91 said:

    They do have a music video they did but it is not out yet.

  4. Tightrope Lady avatar

    On Feb 03, Tightrope Lady said:

    I do agree!
    I want more videos like "forever"! :)

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