Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 7:12 PM By: VIVALACUCARACHA!!!!

Why is Papa Roach called Anberlin on the Fuse Top 40 Music Videos of 2009?!?! If you go on to the top rock artists page on the website, it has a picture of Papa Roach but the title says Anberlin. WTF?

  1. VIVALACUCARACHA!!!! avatar

    On Dec 12, VIVALACUCARACHA!!!! said:

    Yes, it deeply angered me. But oh well, we all make mistakes-even if it's the best band in the world, apparently. And I've got nothing against Anderlin. They're great too :)

  2. vern93 avatar

    On Dec 12, vern93 said:

    lol cuz they screwed up and put the wrong name or wrong pic. i love anberlin but ya fail! haha

  3. emo_pudding_bamf!!! avatar

    On Dec 12, emo_pudding_bamf!!! said:

    Seriously!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!

  4. AddictedToPapaRoach avatar

    On Dec 12, AddictedToPapaRoach said:

    i was wondering the same thing
    papa roach deserves their title and they fuck it up?? WHAT IS THIS SHIT!???

  5. BlackVeilBridesGirl avatar

    On Dec 12, BlackVeilBridesGirl said:

    Fuse Failed.

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