This Past Weekend!!

Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 8:20 PM By: meghan9305

This past weekend: on friday I went to a football game in the pouring rain lol there was like 10 people under like 1 to 2 umberella's lol. Saturday I took 4 friends to the Fright Fest at Six Flags which one of them was xxsexylexy10xx, the haunted house was kick ass espcecially the hot guy who liked n kept popping up in my face. The damn zombies kept getting in my face I'd turn around n go oh, n one of ems breath smelled like shit! I yelled hey sexy to one of the zombies he reved up his chainsaw I said oh no hes horny run! Then we were all dancing after the park was closed! lol well I think thats it oh well! Luv Ya BYES!!!!!***

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  2. This Past Weekend!!

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