1. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Nov 21, LilRoach Moe said:

    haha hell to the yes

  2. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Nov 03, LilRoach Moe said:

    Omg!! you sound like your just as crasy as me!! if i touched him, i would lick the sweat too!! lmao xD Damn I love those boys. ok, the other day, my mom asked me what i would do if Papa Roach broke up!!! I was like why the hell would you even say that!?!?! omg, i would be soo upset!!!!!!

  3. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Aug 17, LilRoach Moe said:

    who in their right mind would turn that down!? lmao xD you will have sooooo much fun at crew fest!!!! god, i wish i could relive that day! lmao xD or last year when i saw them, that was sooooo amazing!!! When Jacoby got off that stage last year, he went soo far back from the stage, and he was sooo close to walking down our row, but he didnt. and omg, how he got the crowd all pumped up that night.. god i wish i could relive that day Everyday!! lol that would be a dream! lmao xD but you will love it... and your friends too!!!!!! =]

  4. CallaMeCassaBaby avatar

    On Aug 15, CallaMeCassaBaby said:

    yeah I've been doing some school shopping too.Did u find any cool shoes?

  5. Anabelle avatar

    On Aug 15, Anabelle said:

    not much just sore from vball practice...

  6. LilRoach Moe avatar

    On Aug 13, LilRoach Moe said:

    ohh.. i didnt get tickets for mayhem! =[ i wish i did, and i wanted to go to warped tour this year.. but that didnt happen either! o well.. at least i got to go to crew fest though!! lol. and your time is coming up!! =D you are gonna have soooo much fun!!!!

  7. Broken.Home avatar

    On Aug 13, Broken.Home said:

    Oh ok awesome :] Yeah it does suck but oh well i'm hoping they will do a world tour soon. xD

  8. retarded_dinosaur avatar

    On Aug 12, retarded_dinosaur said:

    cool its gonna be a hell of a show hope you have fun

  9. CallaMeCassaBaby avatar

    On Jul 24, CallaMeCassaBaby said:

    Hey what's up.Of course I'm going to crue fest.Are u?

  10. Anabelle avatar

    On Jul 07, Anabelle said:

    can't tell how many times i was told that...i myself have not been on very often.

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