1. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Jun 26, Nikki..xo said:

    ohhh awesomes :)
    erm the next gig im going to see is mindless self indulgance in july :)

  2. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Jun 25, Nikki..xo said:

    ermmmm this weekend :/ nothing much planned yet lol

  3. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Jun 24, Nikki..xo said:

    wow awesomes!!! hope yu do

  4. Liz avatar

    On Jun 08, Liz said:

    Haha Kate Haha!!! I'm going to see Underoath nah nah nah nah nah!!!!!

  5. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Jun 03, Nikki..xo said:

    erm this weekend i am chilling and working and getting over a cold lmfao! i went to see ratt last sat but thats it :/ lol how about yu?

  6. Kail Valentine avatar

    On Jun 03, Kail Valentine said:

    Yeah not to bad thanks and nuthin much really lol howa bout u?

  7. Nikki..xo avatar

    On May 22, Nikki..xo said:

    same rely lol

  8. Liz avatar

    On May 06, Liz said:

    I don't see this as a laughing matter katie! You don't even wear the bloody thing! Its mine face it :)

  9. Nikki..xo avatar

    On Apr 30, Nikki..xo said:

    yeahh good thnkyu =] what have yu been up 2 l8ly?

  10. Kail Valentine avatar

    On Apr 28, Kail Valentine said:

    haha kool =p
    Hah nah not really tbh howa bout u?
    x x x

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