Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 11:13 AM By: arriel-emovamp.17

OMG!!! today is awsum and freaked up,... i got a new crush and shes amazining she makes me laugh i make her laugh n u kno shes juss really crazy and she's really feelin kinda bad though cuz of my gurlfriend ...u kno i still luv my gurlfriend but this other gurl is juss wonderfull lik when me n my gurl get in to it u kno it makes me mad but then the other gurl she just makes me feel better and ever sence lik 2 days ago shes all thats been on my mind ,.... i was talkin to her lik 20mins ago n i think she likes me :)! im juss so happy rite now but one downer SHE LIVES FAR AWAY FROM SAGINAW....lik OMG really!!! n she juss got out of a long distance relationship n she doesnt lik the long distance thing but u kno ill juss change her mind bout that lmao .......

  1. arriel-emovamp.17 avatar

    On Apr 23, arriel-emovamp.17 said:

    lol ikr it is kewl nd yeah lik omg haha

  2. tears dont fall avatar

    On Mar 14, tears dont fall said:

    thats like kool

  3. ~**~ avatar

    On Mar 11, ~**~ said:

    LIKE OMG!!! NO WAY!!! ;DD haha

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