1. WhatSeparatesMeFromYou(:-Mrs.WilliamsB¡tches!!:D avatar

    wowie....hey wats your cell phone umber again?!....someone deleted your number outta my phone

  2. soda avatar

    On Feb 14, soda said:

    HaPpY vAlEnTiNeS dAy!!!!!!

  3. *JadeTheOnlyOne777* avatar

    On Jan 01, *JadeTheOnlyOne777* said:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

  4. soda avatar

    On Nov 16, soda said:

    good. h.b.u

  5. Thunderx9 avatar

    On Nov 16, Thunderx9 said:

    Hi! How are you?

  6. soda avatar

    On Oct 15, soda said:

    No PrOb FoR tHe FrIeNd ReQuEsT. i Am GoOd HoW aRe U

  7. rue3425 avatar

    On Oct 10, rue3425 said:

    hey! thanks for adding me :) how are you?

  8. soda avatar

    On Oct 08, soda said:

    no probblem

  9. TheBrokenUndone avatar

    On Oct 04, TheBrokenUndone said:

    hey! thanks for adding me! ^_^

  10. soda avatar

    On Oct 01, soda said:


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