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Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 4:54 PM By: junebaby


I have been spending some time in the forum for peeps trying to lose weight and get motivation and inspiration. I have found that there are a lot of peeps of there going thro the same struggles that I am going thro. I have also found that there are a lot of peeps out there that weight the same as me and are just unhappy about there 'size'. It is 3 fat chicks, lol!!! I love the name, but that is the site,

We r so focused on the 'size' of our asses, pants, bras, cell phones, lol!! hahahhaa But honestly, the population of peeps the size of runway models and Hollywood actress's is like less than 10% of the peeps out there. Over 60% of the population is over weight or obese. And 30% are 'normal', whatever that means.

I am just stating this cause it is so true. If my jeans size is bigger than someone elses than I am fat and ugly. And if the scale doesn't read what someone thinks it should than I am fat and ugly. Do u all catch my drift here?!

Just venting, thanx for reading!

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    On Jan 28, carolyn8 said:

    I looked at the website today and it is pretty cool. I want to lose weight but havent been able to get in that mindset again. it is so hard. I hate how the world is so judgemental about size and the most frustrating part is going to buy clothes and the clothes look like stuff my grandma wears.I am like I would like clothes that are cool and like the skinny peoples clothes I dont like to be reminded about my size. I went to the store one day to get a halloween costume and they said plus size but it wasnt they advertised it but didnt sell them. I also wonder what people think of when they meet me are they like omg or do they care at all. Sorry this is so long but I know how it is. good luck with the weight lose I hope you have success.Carolyn

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