Patience, I need some

Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 4:34 AM By: junebaby

I hate waiting for things. I am not a very patience person at times. When I order something, I want it asap. When I diet I want results like yesterday, lol. But who doesnt. I order the 7th & 8th Season of CSI Las Vegas last night and I have to wait til the middle of next week to get it. What is up w/ that, lol! But it will totally be worth it. The first 6 Seasons were.

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    On Feb 24, junebaby said:

    I have seen a few episodes here and there but not from start to finish. I cant wait! hahahaa

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    On Feb 24, Recklezz said:

    I got the 7th and 8th Season for Christmas... I loved them... they're awesome. Waiting for them is definitely worth it... but the end... well I hated the end of Season 8, you'll know why when ya see it, but it's full of suspense... I loved to watch them.Now I'm waiting to see Season 9 ...

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    On Feb 24, dianam said:

    if you find some patience I need some to. lol I dont have any either. I cant wait til Papa Roach plays here.

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