Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 1:04 PM By: junebaby

Ok, so I have been reading Busta's blog and saw her new pic and I have been bitten by the Tattoo Bug, lol!!!! What out, this bug is adictting! So I have decided that I am going to add a web to the tat on my shoulder and get the gemini sign w/ stars on my wrist. I just need to have the dude draw it up and give me a price. I am hoping to do that 2day, but I am not sure. I will post pix of course, but I am kinda fighting w/ my son, so I might have to wait til next week.

  1. phantomgrl avatar

    On Mar 28, phantomgrl said:

    I have 7 tats total...a couple of them hurt...I love tats...i have about 5 more to I am working on one now getting one drawn up that will have papa roach in takes time cause all of mine are my own ideas so that way i know that it will be an orginal.... once you get one they become addictive,,,,and I am a big baby when it omes to needles...but I dont mind the pain...go

  2. MARY LOVE avatar

    On Mar 24, MARY LOVE said:


  3. junebaby avatar

    On Mar 22, junebaby said:

    I fought it for a while, but seeing ur new tat made me crack under the 'bite' of the bug, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Mar 22, Hybrid911 said:

    what makes them so addictive does anyone know? :P x

  5. Busta avatar

    On Mar 21, Busta said:

    oh sure! blame me! hahaha. I hate the tattoo bug, and I try to smash him all the time!!

  6. junebaby avatar

    On Mar 21, junebaby said:

    I am kinda nervous cause I can't have any visiable tats at work. But I will wear a bandaid over it, lol!

  7. !!~*STARS*~!! avatar

    On Mar 21, !!~*STARS*~!! said:

    good luck hope it all works out post some picts when its all done... im so jealous of everyone and there tattoos... and i hope everything works out with your son

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