I dont get it!!!

Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 7:11 PM By: junebaby

I had a not so good week last week, so I was kinda lookin forward to going back to work and getting back on schedule. Everything seemed kewl until after lunch. When I got back, a customers wife came in and said that it was her son that was murdered last week, WTF!!!!!!!!!!! It was most likely (it hasnt been officially released) a drug deal gone bad. But still, he was 27. I am not saying that he was a model citizen, but no one deserves that. It is just heart breaking thinking about his parents and of course the crap that I have been going thro. I just dont understand i guess. Life is waaaaaaay to short and precious to waste.

  1. TMOY2000 avatar

    On Jan 31, TMOY2000 said:

    Life Happens, sadly, so make every moment count! We all make mistakes, it is what we do after them that makes us who we are. It does saound mundane, like a over-used kleenex, but really I am in more ways than I could care to mention living proof. yet even so I remain questiong. Hole your head up, we cannot redo one moment alive, and make someone else smile, it really is contagous!, beside your way way too cute not to be smiling all the time, even when ya dont wanna, thanks for the story

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    On Dec 03, sophia OOYL said:

    insane... I like your way of thinkin 'bout the life...

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    On Nov 30, xXx NIX xXx said:

    i agree with you. i would have freaked out if that had happend at my work!!

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