Birthdays/Dream car...

Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 6:46 AM By: dsanchez41

So I bought my dream car in Feb. and it was all bad ass started working on what little repairs it needed. then it crapped out on me! now here it is, literally 9 DAYS til my birthday and all i want is for my car to be fixed. I am putting the block in the shop today and I am praying that I will have all the cash i need to have it out by the beginning of next week. I love my car, I have wanted it since I was 13, now i have it and I cant even cruise it... the only upside to this is that I am having a kick ass bday party at my bar, and it will be kind of a dysfunctional Alice in Wonderland theme. And I am looking forward to seeing all my friends there that i haven't seen in years :)

Oh yeah just in case your wondering what kind of car it is, since i doubt anyone would be making a fuss about some crappy

Its a 1967 all original 289 Mustang. and its an original California Special. almost mint condition :) VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL CAR

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