Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 12:23 PM By: dsanchez41

I have been having some crazy ass dreams lately. Usually my dreams are about some sort of water symbol. But last night I was dreaming that our bar had been really successful and life was great until all of a sudden these terminator cyborg motherfuckers were trying to kill me! then some crazy bitch burned our bar down. so I don't know how exactly to read that shit. then I somehow ended up owning this tattoo/record shop and Papa Roach showed up and Jacoby was gonna get tatted and he saw my tat and was like "awesome" and I woke up like WTF? It was weird. I'm not good at remembering details so I'm sure it sounds pretty fuckin lame but I'm still trying to figure it out?

Last night at the bar this crazy chick came and sat at my table and started talking shit to my homeboy and then my homegirl got up to leave and this crazy chick was so wasted and tried to follow her and as she was getting up she was still talking shit to my homeboy and she was walking away when she lost her balance and fuckin ate it! I was standing right next to her and saw that shit in slow motion. Then I had to help her up and she was all fucked up and she was looking for her phone and my sister was looking too and she was like call my phone and was stumbling everywhere so my sister calls her phone and this crazy drunk chick is holding it in her hand still looking for the phone.lol it was priceless.

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