Rockin' out with your cock out!

Sat, Oct 24, 2009 at 11:48 PM By: dsanchez41

So tonight we had Karaoke at the bar and it was awesome. I wasn't feeling up to being out. I spent the whole day in bed with my "honey". He came over and we weren't feeling too good so we watched movies in bed til 9pm. Then I went over to my bar cause all my friends were there and the dj was bugging for me to get up and sing so I did...and guess what I P.R's Scars. love it :) was off the chain and I guess I sang it kick ass cause the cops showed up for noise ordinance and thought I was a live And I got the whole crowd cheering! Awesome night for not feeling too I jammed out with my clam out! Haha! Compliments go out to Papa Roach for writing my favorite song of all time(which I actually have tattooed on my back). Love you guys :)

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    On Oct 25, BecStar said:

    Hahaha thats kick ass! My local karaoke guy doesn't have Papa Roach in his playlists :-( If he did I'd be there!!!

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