i'm so fucking proud of myself...xD

Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 6:16 PM By: shaddix-baby

i have in less than 5 months 16 kilos lost...xD
without sport...^^ who can do that? ha? ha? haha
thanks that damn pills that i got prescribed by a doctor...
and the doctor has told me if i'm not in 6 months had to 12 kg lost will pay me the health insurance no longer...
hahahaha...they have thought this is not easy...
thahahaha...they're have indeed hefty fucked in the ass...xD hahaha^^

clear for those who like to eat it is not easy...
but i have it also done and I have eaten a lot out of despair...
because I simply thought will never see I more like in former times out...

but i'll make it...
i eat also less...
and i hope it go no longer a long...xD

the main thing i get after the 6 months from the health insurance still 1 1/2 year paid more...xD

it's just a good stuff...xD


Peace Out Fuckers...*P-O-F* my word...thahaha
my fucking word my fucking sentence and my fucking mind..xD


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