1. Thunderx9 avatar

    On Jul 24, Thunderx9 said:

    Right now just waking up :P

  2. Thunderx9 avatar

    On Jul 23, Thunderx9 said:

    Hello! how are you?

  3. .Taylor. avatar

    On Jul 23, .Taylor. said:

    Awesome. Snuff is a good song. I'm doing pretty good on it.

  4. .Taylor. avatar

    On Jul 22, .Taylor. said:

    Yea I just got a guitar magazine yesterday and it has the tab for Country Song in it.

  5. .Taylor. avatar

    On Jul 21, .Taylor. said:

    Yea well technically i really started playing in January because before that i was in the rut of learning all the major chords and trying to change from chord to chord fast enough so I haven't been playing all that long. Right now though I'm learning Sweet Child O' Mine so I think I've made pretty good progress

  6. .Taylor. avatar

    On Jul 20, .Taylor. said:

    I've been playing for a year as of tomorrow. It's not that long, but I've gotten pretty far in that time. I also just recently started to play the drums.

  7. .Taylor. avatar

    On Jul 19, .Taylor. said:

    Sic!! I have that Marshall amp and that's pretty much all I use as far as amps go. I have a Squier Strat, an Epiphone SC electric acousic, a custom acoustic, a Gold Top Les Paul, and my EVH Frankenstrat.

  8. .Taylor. avatar

    On Jul 18, .Taylor. said:

    Thanks! It's my baby lol

  9. Jessica :) avatar

    On Jul 01, Jessica :) said:

    Pretty good thanks :) Hows it for you?

  10. Jessica :) avatar

    On Jun 30, Jessica :) said:

    Heyy :)

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