Men and Women PLZ!!!

Sat, Sep 26, 2009 at 9:22 PM By: Scars4ever!

Ok so i broke up of my boyfriend of 2 months. I belive im in love with his best friend who is also my ex and the ex of my best friend who also broke up yesterday. I have come to realize that i think im in love with my ex. Im afraid now with everyhting that has happened that he wont ever want to be with me again. He says hes not mad at me but yet hes pushing me to get back togeather with him. Do you think things will change? That i will ever be able to be with my ex again? Plz give me your oppinion, story, idea...anything! THX!!!

Oh and plz plz plz wish for me and my ex mat to get back togeather,

  1. Hybrid911 avatar

    On Sep 27, Hybrid911 said:

    I find myself in this situation all the time.

    then i taught myself to move on and find someone who isn't my ex... exs are exs for a reason x

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