1. Busta avatar

    On Sep 03, Busta said:

    Bloomingtonnnn. lol
    I live in this sad little town too

  2. kElLi avatar

    On Aug 16, kElLi said:

    yea it was awesome.

  3. !Ducky! (Broken) avatar

    On Jun 22, !Ducky! (Broken) said:

    dude long time no talk wats going on?!?!

  4. punklives27 avatar

    On Mar 17, punklives27 said:

    no problem! whats your fav band besides p r?

  5. punklives27 avatar

    On Mar 12, punklives27 said:

    hey whats up? your pic is hot!!

  6. !Ducky! (Broken) avatar

    On Feb 23, !Ducky! (Broken) said:

    Hey wats going on?!?

  7. wink avatar

    On Jan 07, wink said:

    hey how were your holidays, i havent been on in a while, but the holidays rocked :]

  8. hot ronnie avatar

    On Dec 28, hot ronnie said:

    thanx marry late christmas

  9. !Ducky! (Broken) avatar

    On Dec 26, !Ducky! (Broken) said:

    merry late xmas to u too everything was good a little boring seeing as how my g'ma canceled xmas at her house so I was stuck at home all day trying to figure out how to work this MP3 player works ;I'm horrible w/electronics....How was urs

  10. ccczauntie05 avatar

    On Dec 25, ccczauntie05 said:

    merry xmas to u 2!

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