my dog can kick your dogs a$$.....

Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 8:10 AM By: vodkangel89

ok so i am totally fucking  venting...i love my puppy dearly...and i am trying to get her operation but there is no help...well there is only credit card like options but they are so hard to my puppy cant get her life saving surgery....she has a very serious hernia... and it could very possibly take her life with in the next month.....but i mean i hope someone gets where i am coming from...i love animals very much.....and she is my world i come home and say her name and tell her to come to mommmy and she comes running full force....i love her soooooo much and she is fucking  adorable ....but dosent anyone love their pet that much????? or am i just a

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    On Nov 30, Cowboy said:

    dude that really sucks...sorry to hear about that. i like my cat that much, hes got a growth problem and respiratory problems so the vet was like "dont expect him to live as long as other cats" and shit like that.

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    On Nov 30, havenseesgreen said:

    no lol i love my dog... i told my mom i wont go to college unless i can live off campus and take him haha... sorry about her being sick tho

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