1. RoachSlayer17 avatar

    On May 27, RoachSlayer17 said:

    no worries and good luck hope u do well

  2. RoachSlayer17 avatar

    On May 18, RoachSlayer17 said:

    idk just thought i'd ask

  3. RoachSlayer17 avatar

    On May 14, RoachSlayer17 said:

    yo i know this was a while back but u remember crue fest 2008 and if so did u get a chance to go

  4. kitteh avatar

    On May 14, kitteh said:

    haha, i had about 4 hours to finish that art crap and then i HAD to leave the school grounds. stupid law. well, otherwise i fail my exam. that's how it works in germany... good luvk on your exams tho

  5. RoachSlayer17 avatar

    On May 11, RoachSlayer17 said:

    hell yea fuck kick ass concert

  6. Lifesux avatar

    On May 08, Lifesux said:

    nothin special and whats goin on in your life?

  7. Hybrid911 avatar

    On May 08, Hybrid911 said:

    i'll ask admin how you can delete accounts and report back to you x

  8. kitteh avatar

    On May 08, kitteh said:

    oh, yeah. that's true. i had to take my art exam today, so i'm home early.

  9. kitteh avatar

    On May 08, kitteh said:

    just came home from school, so you don't wanna know^^'

  10. RoachSlayer17 avatar

    On May 08, RoachSlayer17 said:

    whats up man what u been up to

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