thoughts of suicide

Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 12:05 PM By: Highwotish

is anybody here? please, talk to me...i feel so badly...dont know the reason..or maybe not...i know the reason...its hard to wont understand...please just dont ignore this message...i need support

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    On Mar 08, mariam said:

    if yu ever wanna talk add me on msn:

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    On Mar 08, mariam said:

    hows it going? i juist read yur "thougths of suicde" iv edone more thn just think.... nd i kno evryonhengoes thru different pain. so evn tho i cant say "ikno what its like" cos well we all go thru different sequences of hurt nd noone is going thru th same situation bvut EVRYONE smiles or not scars, visible or not...hav a horrid amount of pain, i kn oyu dont evn noe me but i like to b here for you if yu evr need it.... it took me three yrs to realize i really didnt wanna die. so its a long painful road maybe less or more for yu. but im still hre, and i kno this is kinda random cos i dont evn knoe yu but id hate to see yu apss if i couldve intervened <33

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    On Mar 08, Highwotish said:

    thanks for support...i really appreciate it...

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    On Mar 07, vern93 said:

    hey its probably a little late too but i hav cut myself a couple times but my friend got really mad and i try not to. i probably didnt help but im here

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    On Mar 07, meg719 said:

    hey, this is a little bit late, but I'm here. I know the feeling. I just recently stoped self mutilation and the urge just kicks in randomly and is insane. You've just have to get yourself busy doing something and turn on music. Normally I stray away from the pissed off type of music (which doesn't make sense, I know, but for some reason it just makes the urge unbearble). I usally stray away from any of the Proach music thats any earlier the Getting Away With Murder (CD). It makes no sense, but for some reason She Loves Me Not, while it is one of my favorite songs, makes me want to cut REALLY bad. Oh, Be Free can do that too. I'd explain why, but then the urge will come back and I'm having a sleepover and then I'd totally ruin the fun. =P Hope I helped some. . . sorry for all the miss spelled words btw. And feel free to come talk to me anytime! : ) I totally know what it's like.

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