Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 3:50 PM By: JoshWannaTACO:)

pay-to-use bathrooms. what the fuck?? is this nescessary?? do we need to pay money to live and do our natural body functions??ok so im driving to spokane when all a sudden i see a rest stop. my parents stretch there legs and i use b-room. then i see a guy in front OF THE FUCKING BATHROOM IN A UNIFORM ASKING FOR CASH!!! and then i see someone pay to go in and theres a guy in there that gives people fucking toilet paper. im going to admit the place looked fancy but wtf. IF ITS GONNA BE A BUSINESS TO DO OUR BUSINESS, FUCK THAT SHIT AND GO RIGHT IN FRONT OF THAT FAGGOT ASKING FOR CASH.

that is BULLSHIT.

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