how bad does broken nose hurt?

Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 11:16 PM By: JoshWannaTACO:)

yeah just curious. i popped my nose and it hurt like a bitch, my eyes watered and my nose tingled and smelled like blood but it wasnt bleeding, anyone know that feeling? u can kinda smell/taste the blood if ur hit gets hit?? but yeah just wondering anyone break there nose???

  1. emo_pudding_bamf!!! avatar

    On Sep 20, emo_pudding_bamf!!! said:

    idk, ive broken other bones, like my knee cap,and popped my collerbone out of the joint , ive even goten a massive blood buble in my muscle in my arm (all from skateboarding or snowboarding) but ive never broken my nose.....

  2. roach21 avatar

    On Sep 06, roach21 said:

    yo'll get the beating by me

  3. Danniella avatar

    On Aug 07, Danniella said:


  4. Maia Gray avatar

    On Aug 06, Maia Gray said:

    Just piss off a really built up person. Then you would defiantly know the feeling.


  5. Luum avatar

    On Aug 06, Luum said:

    I think you don't want to know... But if you really want to know it.. you should just try it.

  6. Bloody Corpse avatar

    On Aug 06, Bloody Corpse said:

    wow to bad

  7. NVME avatar

    On Aug 06, NVME said:

    this is an ironic blog *no more will b sed*

  8. JoshWannaTACO:) avatar

    On Aug 06, JoshWannaTACO:) said:

    what popped nose?

  9. FuzzyFu*kToy:) avatar

    On Aug 05, FuzzyFu*kToy:) said:

    You need to go get that checked out by a doc.

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