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`·.Fun Sized, lol
`·.In love and Reckless!!!
`·.15 yrs young XD
XoXo Im not a Hater Im a Lover?

Xoxo I’m Matty(: I’m fucking short, Cute and adorable, with the height of only 4’11”. I popped out of my mommy on April 11th 1996, making me almost 15 years old :P. I’m a beautiful black haired white gurl? I’m def not going to go out and get a fake tan! I love the warmth so best to believe SUMMER is my favorite season. Blue, white and pink are Uhhh-mazing!! I’m a non violent lady, and against war and usually when I’m upset I try to calmly talk it out unless you got me on a bad mood days then a whole hell of a lot of words you never heard of will come out through my lips.(: I think I’m shy but everyone says I’m outgoing so that’s for you to decide. ;) I am Absolutely addicted to PINK (strawberry) Starburst. I could not survive without my AMAZING and for the most part annoying, wild, crazy, and yet gorgeous friends. I’m currently unconditionally in love with Heath Martin? He means the world too me!! I constantly take pictures of myself, with eyes that never seem to stay one color….it’s awesome (: (: (: I adore Bunnies and Kitties? I’m perverted and will be blunt about most anything. I believe in life choices. It should never be about someone else’s choice only your own that and to never blame it on someone if the choice becomes a mistake. Because even our mistakes I feel can lead us to something much more exhilarating.(: I try to be understanding and patient with others, try and smile even on my horrible moody days. I still have my childhood moments and in the end I know what I’m meant to do, be myself (: Find me on facebook, myyearbook, even myspace (Even though it sucks) hah(:

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