1 real shity day...

Tue, May 15, 2012 at 6:51 PM By: ~FreekShow~

5/14/12 was me and my fiances 1 year anniversary and it was pretty much the worst day ever......this is how it went:
1) my morning was ok except the fact that this kid was annoying me all the way to school
2) most likely flunked my math test
3) i learned that i had forgotten my gym clothes
4) we were gonna take notes in class and i had no paper at all
5) my friend decided to txt my fiance behind my back and she wound up pissing him off
6) by 4th period im pissed cause so many ppl kept pushing me and i get to class to discover we have a test......which i didnt study at all for
7) chorus teacher yelled at me just bcuz i accidentally bumped into him
8) 6th period lunch just sucks everyday unless everyone at the table is there and they were that day but everyone was fighting for stupid reasons
9) last class of the day....we had to a 10 page paper
(((( everything that happened in school was ok cuz i knew my fiance would be waiting for me at my bus stop))))
10) he wasn't there.....
11) i tried talking to him to see why he wasn't there.....he barely replied.....so i called.....his answer was "i was busy".....that made me cry and cry and cry.....and the he said it made it worse....his answer then started pissing me off i was thinking "how are you too fucking busy?? your a dropout without a job! i tolds him bye

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