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About ~With A Name Across My Heart~

About me eh? Well.....I am a born and raised Albertan/Canadian!! I have been married for 6 awesome years!!! We have 3 gorgeous children.....thanks to my awesome looks....hahaha No problem with ego here.....totally kidding!! haha But my kiddos are pretty cute! I am a stay-at-home-mom and a photographer! Loving my life so far!
I should also add.....I have been a HUGE Papa Roach fan since....well....since Infest was released. I have so many favorites.....I can't even keep track of them anymore! I love how I can listen to them whatever mood I may be in....there's a song for all of my many moods.....and I'm a ridiculously moody person!! haha I just love a lot of the messages that they send out through their music, and just want to say......Don't Ever Stop!!!!! Or at least....don't stop anytime soon! :)

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