Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 11:27 AM By: mbrace_bndiff

hello u rockin babes of proachriot!!! wuts rockin?!? not to much here!! jus bloggin.. (as u can tel!!) wel.. hows thangs going?!? thangs are GREAT here!!! i got in a fite yesterday (an if ur wonderin, yes i did win) an my teacher keeps callin me knock em out bright.... ha ha he's the greatest!!! not tht i go round lookin for fites or anything.. she jus wouldn get outta my face!! an of course she goin round sayin she won.. look if i lost i'd admit it, cuz u lose sum n win sum!! so wy couldn she jus face it? she shoulnd have started it if she didnt have, (cough) BALLS to admit whether she lost or won!! but wut evers... its cool!! hmm!! i jus got thru eatin again.. seems like every time i bloggin i jus got thru eatin.. hard to believe i only weigh 105 pounds.. i try to gain weight but i jus dnt gain weight... i have a very HIGH metabolism.. wel hmm... i runnin outta time... guess i better go.. more later!! an u kno tht!!

  1. waiting for you to finally be one of us avatar
  2. shoplifting_at_dollartree avatar

    On Oct 18, shoplifting_at_dollartree said:

    now now there are no winners in a fight!!! haha jk of course!

  3. T-Roach avatar

    On Oct 18, T-Roach said:

    I have a hard time gaining weight too...I weigh about the same as you, and the most I've ever weighed was 115....but that didn't last long! haha

  4. HardCore SuperStar avatar

    On Oct 16, HardCore SuperStar said:

    how much is it in kilogramme?
    ^^ I'm kidding

  5. Highwotish avatar

    On Oct 16, Highwotish said:


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