i love jacoby! jacoby loves me!!

Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 11:30 AM By: mbrace_bndiff

haha jus had the urge to sing to u guys!! ha ha ooo i am helpin spread the word about the scrapbook they are makin for proach!! every needs to take part in it... but shhhh!!. dnt tel!!! its a really awesome idea! so my advice is to take part man!! otay so anyways wuts been rockn u awesome rioters!?! i love this web site! its so kick ass!! wel u guys, theres so much to b said but so lil time!! ooo yea this doesn pertain to me, but how do u stand out, and make sum one important notice u, wen theres so many other ppls out there? wit out bein stalkerish or psyciotic.. or how ever ya spell it.. let me know u guys!! p.s. here is the page to visit, on this site, to get info on the scrapbook.. go to the blog entries.. PapaR0ach.. peace love an tats!

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