One Track Mind

Wed, May 2, 2012 at 2:37 PM By: Hahliiyra

Somewhere in "One Track Mind" between "Now you got me..." and "where you want me...", there is a sweet spot in the hang time, that never fails to make me drop my head, close my eyes and grin so big by the end of that line; wishing to know those words to be blissfully true, so much that my eyes tear up with joy every time I hear it and feel my heart so full. Don't know what it is about that pause in the music that hits me each time... but it does. That tiny little breath between words, the pause between notes... so many possibilities of the mind fill that lovely space... I listened to it over and over last night on my walk home and was so overcome with intense joyful emotion as I remembered the performances I saw the year before and all the amazing alive feelings that watching Papa Roach instilled in me, that I hadn't felt in so long...

Thank you for that Papa Roach... that time still affects me just as much today, as it did last year at those shows I saw and I tune in to those memories every time I need to hang on and get through the challenges I am facing. Thank you. Xoxo

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