Rallyin the Roaches

Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 1:50 PM By: Hahliiyra

Hey all,
Been having a great time, spending more time on the site. When I initially set up my account here, after becoming a fan a couple years ago, I kinda forgot about it and disappeared. I want to keep the momentum going this time around and really get to know the amazing people here, that share the same passion I do.

I have been hanging out in the chat room and have already met a few great people... can't wait to get to know more of you and hear your stories. Papa Roach related experiences or not, I am loving the diversity of people that all have this one Love in common...

Can't wait to meet more of you!


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    On Apr 07, Hahliiyra said:

    Woohoo! This is great! Had up to 9 at a time...and everyone I've added as a friend has popped into chat to say hi. Love it! We've played around with the voice chat option today, so we're getting to know how that works now... the Papa Roach party is growing! YEA FUCKERS! Xoxo

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    On Mar 30, Hahliiyra said:

    We've gotten up to 6 in that chat room at a time so far! And I have met more than that since trying to "rally the roaches"... so won't be long before we have quite the party going on in there! Lovin the people stoppin in... can't wait to meet more! =D

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    On Mar 26, Hahliiyra said:

    So the chat room is pickin up... meeting lots of new PR fans from all over the world, it's great! Love hearing all your stories and hopes for the future...personally and hopes to see the band again, maybe even meet them. We'll just establish a huge network so people can travel and have places to stay when PR is in town, HA HA! Could turn into a rather large traveling house party...

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    On Mar 23, Hahliiyra said:

    Gawd, I hate when I do that...hahah. Forget I even made an account somewhere and then can't log in. I usually try to stash all my new account info somewhere so I can locate it at some point if I need to...hahaha. =D

  5. *Love~or~Die~Trying* avatar

    On Mar 23, *Love~or~Die~Trying* said:

    I did the same but the email had been deleted and I couldnt remember my password haha so I made a new one. Hi :)

  6. JJ_P-Roach avatar

    On Mar 23, JJ_P-Roach said:

    I think that this site is great cause I can talk with a lot of people that have my same interests. I liked chatting with you too! :)

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