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Newer Papa Roach fan... fell in love with the band and the music May 7th (2009) in Calgary at the Buckcherry concert. I have always known of Papa Roach, since Last Resort, but was never really introduced to the music until that amazing show. WOW! Completely touched and moved to tears by the music, the lyrics, the band and overall energy of everything you put out... you all really connect when you perform and your presence just blew me away. I am still on a high listening to your music everyday and trying to catch up on everything PR that I have missed looking at everything on your website.

It's been a long time since I have felt this inspired, thank you for helping to open my heart again, just that little bit more.

With love and gratitude...


Papa Roach Supernova

Majestically stellar power house
of Rock poetry. An explosion, profound -

Soulfully radiating,
shining among many.
Lyrically binding us all
heart to heart.

Inspiring energetic charisma
and Love,
Passion driven chords.
We resonate,
vibrating as One.

Feeling Truth together,
we hear, we see, we sing,
we dance.
Music uniting,
within, without, with all.
We know.

Papa Roach healing
Rock, from the Heart.

For the greater Good of All.

~Leanne Thompson 2011

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