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About Jenta17

I'm a big fan of Papa Roach!
I'm 25 years old !Music is a big part of my life!I'm a Freelance Photographer! It's a living! I like it! My greatest dream is to be a tattoo artist !. Been tattooed 4 times! and going for more !lol On my to do list ! See the Ocean in real life for the first time Ever!lol sad I know! lol someday ,someday ! :P And try some Ocean fishing LOL
Favorite Quotations

Live, Laugh, and Love. Don't wast your time worrying about people from your past, there is a reason they are not here to share your future.

No matter what you do there will always be a " Lie " in Believe, an " Over " in Lover, an " End " in Friend, an " Us " in Trust and, " If " in Life.

Some things will always be a what if !and you wonder time to time! where life could of taken you! Funny how we can take a thought ...and never let it go! because in some way maybe it's the closest we will ever come to reaching some of are dreams!By ME

believes your damned if you do and damned if you don't... so do what needs to be done and give it your the end...that's all you can do.

Beautiful pictures are developed from negatives in a dark room...So if you see darkness in your life be reassured that a beautiful picture is being prepared. Unknown

Life is like a puzzle, except mine has a few pieces missing and it is different than the picture on the box but some how I make it work!

Jokes ---------------------

"bra size translations:A-almost there B-barely there C-cant complain D-dang DD-double dang E-enormous F-fake G-get a reduction H-help! I've fallen & cant get up!

Why do people say "Grow some balls"? Balls are Weak and Sensitive!If you really wanna get tough grow a vigina! those things take a Pounding BY Betty White !

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