Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 10:19 AM By: Jenta17

A Premonition , a Sleep But I was awoken by a feeling that over took ! Something was Wrong! It was like someone told me something Bad would happen! 3 days later
I got a Call! Someone has Die! A over whelming feeling of Sadness over took me and I began to cry! But It shook me to my bones that I was awoken from my sleep that night before! The day I awoken from my sleep was the day he die! And It was around the sometime he past too! I was awoken by a dead man trying to say goodbye! Ashes to Ashes , Dust to Dust! A red rose on a grave! A mother cry’s , Hearts are Broken ! I was given a postcard my Grandma found in his house in his room ! It was to me! The thing is I was very close with my Uncle ! He was my Dad’s Twin brother ! And Me & Him got along very well ! He was a Cool Uncle! So much so! I got along with him better then my Dad! Well I told my Uncle to send me a postcard ! Because he was always going some where new ! He was a truck driver! Well I read I postcard ! And this is what it said!
Hi Jen hope your doing good! I like your fellow he seems to be the right guy for you! Have a good Christmas , New year! Love Uncle Kim ! A stamp and all but never sent ! A postcard from a Dead man! THIS IS A TRUE STORY! By Jenta

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