Am I fine again?

Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 6:37 PM By: Ookami_Vengance

damn men and their.....menness

I have issues with an ex.

well hes not really even an ex.

let me explain the situation in breif....well as brief as i can make it, sorry for the

long story but i need some outside advice

Girl meets boy, boy moves away, girl finally gets nerve to email boy, boy comes back to visit, girl falls for boy, boy makes promises to date girl if or when he moves back, boy says he cares about girl, girl opens up to boy, boy moves back, boy ignores girl.

girl: wtf?

boy: long story short im cutting pretty much everything out of my life that dosnt need to be there

girl: WTF?@?@?!#@$#$#

boy: dont be a bitch, i have "drama" and "family problems"

girl: oh crap im sorry :'(

2 weeks later

boy: oh yeah just btw, i ditched you for sex and the rest of that was a lie, but at least you cant call me a jackass for lying

girl: wooow, your fucked up

boy: yep

girl is still in ....llllooo.....lov.....l**e with boy, and still talks to him, one day insults his manhood by saying he wouldnt have the balls to show up at her house and he does. and ends up explaining that the first excuse was real and the sex thing was a lie.

boy: id rather you hate me than feel sorry for me

girl: your an idiot

a couple weeks after that

girl uses song lyrics for her myspace and messenger status
apparently boy reads them

boy: your lyric choice sucks, i have a bad consience and id hate to have anything bad reflect on me

girl: poor baby, its song lyrics love. not an ode to how much i miss you, dont be so concited

why do you even still talk to me anyways?

boy: idk

i still l**e him and i hate it, idk what the fuck he is doing or thinking hes gonna get out of this but i really dont know what to do anymore

idk how i should feel about him, or what excuse to believe, or am i just naieve

my friends say its over and im fine again

but im not. it fucking blows big time

  1. ccczauntie05 avatar

    On Nov 21, ccczauntie05 said:

    hes a fuckin mouche !u can do better!

  2. riarob avatar

    On Nov 21, riarob said:

    He's playing don't deserve that. Granted I don't know you, but NO ONE deserves games.....kick him to the curb. And you are a better person than me, games drive me wicked crazy, I would have deleted him long'll do the right thing.

  3. anabioz avatar

    On Nov 21, anabioz said:

    I definitely agree wth LovelyXxXxXx 'cuz if u really understand u don't need him and u want 2 forget him even if u have smth 4 him u'd better stop any communication wth him and also it's better not 2 see him 4 a while, i think that's the biggest rule. Some time later u'll feel better 4 sure.And also try to replace him with another guy, that always works, i'm sure 'cuz some time ago i had common situation. Try to do smth that u like, meet friends and new peeps, find a hobby at lat. Trust me such men don't deserve to be loved!!!

  4. XxraesavagexX avatar

    On Nov 21, XxraesavagexX said:

    he is a ASS, i dont no u but im shure u deserve much better, everyone dus...

  5. Lovely_XxXxX avatar

    On Nov 20, Lovely_XxXxX said:

    You really should consider how if you still are in any kind of relationship with this guy, how it would hurt you in any way. If you don't want the confusion anymore, then just don't talk to him. Even if he still tries, don't reply, that's just fueling him. He'll eventually stop.

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