Vomiting love and emotion

Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 5:42 PM By: Ookami_Vengance

why does everyone expect some sort of reaction out of me,

All of this stress is killing me




My Mom


The House

My Friends

Their drama


everything is demanding my attention and emotion

what is it with people these days?

Everything seems to be overriding my life. taking up time, and emotion, and in some peoples case, my love and paitence.

i just wish things could be simpler.

im sick of it, i just want to get through with school and get out of here before some other person or other drama attatches itself to my heart like a leach

now on top of all that my mom is "depressed" that her life is going well!


also expects me to baby her


i just wish all of this would leave me alone

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