Men's Nipples Harden after Papa Roach Perform:Cruefest. Houston, Tx. 7.22

Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 10:11 PM By: Wicked_Dreams

Im not going to do an entire review of the show because honestly it started and ended with Papa Roach. No offense to Motley Crue who did an amazing job, but lets be honest nobody here honestly went to see MC. haha. I had 'Reckless' and 'GAWM' written on the side and "Papa Roach Cruefest and date" written on the back window of Serenity, my car. It was awesome! We got to the Toyota Center around noon. Why so early? To scope the place out. Questions needed answers, such as Where are the tour buses? We found them. And when we did, I saw Jacoby's two sons, so we didn't bother them. That was family time, and a respectful fan would not intrude on that moment between a rocker and his offspring. Trapt opened for Sixx:AM who opened for Papa Roach. So of course excitement ran through me when the backdrop for Proach went up. It was like youtube videos gone live! haha. They opened up with a new song, I didn't catch the name, but it was good. That place went WILD. Everybody was on their feet. Jacoby even said "all you motherfuckers on your asses, get the fuck up! This isn't church!!!" From memory, but not in that exact order the setlist went: New Song. Broken Home. Getting Away with Murder. I Almost Told You that I Loved You. Forever. Time is Running Out. Between Angels and Insects. Scars. Last Resort. They did though, close the show with Last Resort. During Time is Running Out, Jacoby did run into the crowd and went up the side and down to the back were the sound stage was...or whatever you call that area. The view of him standing amidst the thousands of screaming people singing that one part of the know it. Was bitter sweet for a hardcore fan to see, Houston did them proud. And you could tell the band knew it....even if it wasn't the best Houston show to a certain band member who plays lead guitar. Ahem! haha. After their set, when the lights came back on the older guys behind, who had never seen Papa Roach before, we made sure to tell them how amazing they were to prepare them for the madness about to commence. As we were getting up to hit the restroom, one of the gents said "Holy shit, that was awesome! Wait, yes, they made my nipples hard. I dont know how they did it, but my nipples are hard." The look on Jerry's face when I told him the story was priceless. Laughter then awkwardness. hahaha. And Buckcherry played. Yawn. Just furthers the fact that any band that plays after Papa Roach will automatically bring the energy down and suck. Three Doors Down and Hinder already learned this lesson. By the time Motley Crue was getting ready for their encore my ears had enough. So I told Allison that we should go and she agreed, thank god. We walked over to the tour buses and on our way we saw a tall guy cross the street with a pillow and green sleeping bag under his arm. I didn't have my glasses but Alli asked me if that was Jerry. I was about to call his name but found myself second guessing the idea. Allison called out "Jerry!" and he turned and said "Hey!" We ran up to him and overly excited since it has been a long ass time since I had seen him, I hugged him and said "I've missed you!" haha. We talked to him for a few minutes. I got him to sign my jeans. Pictures were taken. Pleasantries exchanged. We talked about the VA show, you punks according to Jerry still had a better show. ANYWAYS. haha. It was Jerry's daughter's bedtime so we said our goodbyes and promises of coming back when the new album is released in October were made. I can not wait for Metamorphosis. I read in a blog by James from Sixx:Am who is helping out with the record that : "Most of my days off so far I've spent in the studio with Papa Roach helping finish up their new record which is INCREDIBLE! I don't want to give anything away, but their new record is going to BLOW EVERYONE'S FUCKING MIND!!!!" If that don't get you excited, call your doctor cause you are OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!!!!! hahaha

  1. vern93 avatar

    On Jul 24, vern93 said:

    awsome!!!! thats soo kool that u got to talk with jerry and i cant wait for the album ahh!!!!!!! lol

  2. Francesca avatar

    On Jul 24, Francesca said:

    AWWWWWWW that must have benn SOOO hard to resist the urge to go say heyy to jacoby... sounds like u had alot of funnn...... take a pic of your jeans!!!!

  3. Lovely_XxXxX avatar

    On Jul 24, Lovely_XxXxX said:

    lucky and awesomeness!

  4. Lady_Cockroach avatar

    On Jul 24, Lady_Cockroach said:

    haha whatcha do if ya friend didnt call jerrys name?^^
    sounds like an hot show!
    ok i mean that was at TX,so normal XD
    wa lucky lucky you!
    did ya post ya pics?^^

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